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Preserve Holiday Traditions with
Handcrafted Food Gifts

Be more generous in gift-giving—and
pay as little as $10 a month!

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 Holidays are stressful and this year, money was tight so your credit offer was a way we could share gifts and pay later so our friends and family knew we cared, and we could pay back over time

- Swiss Colony Customer

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 I really appreciated the offering of a credit plan. Being offered credit was very important to me making multiple purchases. Thank you.

- Swiss Colony Customer

Swiss Colony Credit lets you celebrate
holiday traditions
and be a more generous
gift giver...with low monthly payments!
Low Payments Start at Just $10

$10 Monthly

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$15 Monthly

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$20 Monthly

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Get more for just $5 more!*

Subject to credit approval–paying on time could help raise your limit. Down payment may be required.

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 I would not be able to afford all the gifts for my loved ones at Christmas time without the credit you give me, also the shipping you do. The convenience of website and catalog make buying safe for people in times like this.

- Swiss Colony Customer

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Swiss Colony Credit!

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Always affordable, low payments fit your budget…and your payments remain low when you order again!

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No big banks—it’s just us! We give you credit like a trusted friend...from our family to you and yours.

Get More Buying Power

With on-time payments, you could earn a higher credit limit with us AND build your credit score with major credit bureaus!

Save Your Credit Cards

Use your personal line of credit with The Swiss Colony and save your major credit cards for other needs and emergencies.

Trust Our Security

Buying with Swiss Colony Credit is safe and secure. Plus, you can manage your account and payments online confidentially.

Pay as little as $10 per month.

More About Applying

How is applying for Swiss Colony Credit different?

At The Swiss Colony, you simply place your order, ask for Swiss Colony Credit, and answer a few simple questions. The “application” is that easy and we think you’ll love it. After all, you’re here to shop, not fill out forms all day!

What if I’m declined?

(I’m working on my credit score…)
Don’t stress! The Swiss Colony offers flexible down payment options, so you may still qualify for Swiss Colony Credit by simply making a small down payment on your first order.

We know you’re working hard to improve your credit score, and this is one more way that we say “Yes” when others say “No!” We want you to be able to enjoy a stress-free holiday season and share our handcrafted food gifts with your friends and family

See Credit FAQs

 Since 1984, I have enjoyed and appreciated the convenience of Swiss Colony's in-house credit program to make my shopping experience more flexible, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Because of this, I am a customer for life.

- Swiss Colony Customer