Greetings from President Marshall Hill

St. John 19th Body presents their 150th Juneteenth Celebration with lots of food (bar-b-que), family fun and other festivities honoring and paying homage to the St. John Colony legacy. Please join the following families Winn, Roland, Hill, Mackey, Carter, Simms, Franks, Walker, Bennett and others, uniting families, and honorary guests for a grand old time on historical emancipation grounds in St. John Colony, Texas 110 Carter Road (10 miles from Lockhart, Texas). Looking forward to welcoming all, country style!

For further information, please contact

Marshall Hill, President at (512) 914-0348 or

Rosie Darby at (512) 751-9919.

Come on out June 18th to greet and meet with family and friends. The St. John Colony Emancipation Grounds are just 7 miles from Lockhart, Texas