Tom ‘Zulu’ Hill was born in Ethiopia in the early 1700s. He was a Bantu and the descendant of a Prince. Edward Hill, his son, was born in Zululand circa 1789. Moses Hill’s father was Edward, and Moses was the father of Lee Hill. In a battle with the British, Zulu Tom, and other family members, including Edward, were captured, sold into slavery, and transported to America.

They were sold to Master Branch in Virginia. Cold weather forced Master Branch to move his family and slaves to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and back to Georgia. The Hill family purchased Edward and his family and moved to Texas.

Lee Hill was born into slavery on March 25, 1859, to Moses and Hanna Hill in Bastrop County, Texas. He married Margie Ella Roland-Hill, and they had 17 children: Moses Wesley, Petrie, Levi, Minnie, Ella, Thomsie, Edward, Roy, Sidney, Emma, Beatrice, Mary, James, Willie, Novella, Zula, and Marshal.

In 1872 Lee Hill was 13 years old, single, and did not marry Margie until 1890. Lee was with his father Moses Hill, one of the 14 Families leaders that established St. John Colony. Lee was Thomas Hill’s slave on the Hill Plantation in Hills Prairie, Texas.

Lee Hill died on January 18, 1914, in St. John Colony. He is buried in St. John Colony Cemetery beside his wife Margie Ella Roland-Hill was born October 14, 1859, and she died March 14, 1941.

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