Tom ‘Zulu’ Hill was born in Ethiopia in the early 1700s. He was a Bantu and the descendant of a Prince. Edward Hill, his son, was born in Zululand circa 1789. Monroe Johnson’s father was Edward Hill. Zulu Tom, and some of his family, including Edward, were captured and sold into slavery while fighting a battle against the British.

They were sold to Master Branch in Virginia. Cold weather forced Master Branch to move his family and slaves to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and back to Georgia. The Hill Family purchased Edward and his family and moved to Texas. Eventually, Monroe and his brother Will were sold to the Johnson Family in Bastrop County, Texas.
Monroe was born to Edward and Sylvia Rhodes-Hill in March 1835 in Mississippi. Monroe had sixteen siblings. The first siblings’ name was unknown, Moses Hill, Burl (Hill) Shaw, Maj Hill, Tom (Hill) Norrington, Simon Hill (his mother was Melinda), Josiah Hill, David Crockett Hill, Parthenia (Hill) Walker, Emanuel Hill, Daniel Hill, Andy Hill, Leah (Hill) Walton, Walter Hill, Will Hill, and Lamar Hill.

Monroe was one of the 14 Families leaders that established St. John Colony. He married Harriet Foster in 1866, one year after slavery. They had five children: Harriet Johnson, Louisa Johnson, Julia A. Johnson, Caroline Johnson, and Monroe Johnson.

The death dates of Monroe and Harriet Foster-Johnson are unknown.

Janet ‘Telee’ Roland Weiss
Louis Simms – great great nephew