In May of 1854, Cary Hill was born into slavery. The slave masters’ name was Abram Wiley Hill and the Hill Plantation in Hills Prairie, Texas.
Cary was one of the children born to Josiah Hill. Josiah was the son of Edward Hill. Josiah met and married Mary Virginia (VerJane) Strong Hill in Georgia.

In 1879, Cary Hill married Anne (Franklin) Hill. To this union, 12 children were born: Michael, Daniel, Blanton, James, Burl, Hattie, Georgia, Rose, Wylie, John, Joseph, and Beatrice.

Tragedy struck the Cary family, and lives were lost, causing part of the Cary Hill family to have to move and relocate to the state of Oklahoma.
Cary Hill lived the remainder of his life in Oklahoma and never returned to the state of Texas. His date of death is unknown, and he was buried in an unmarked grave.

Though he never returned to Texas, his son Reverend Blanton Hill did, and he met my father, Webster Gregg, giving him the history of our family legacy of which the book, “From a Prince to a Slave” was written.
I remember the evening that history was being passed from Reverend Blanton Hill to my father, as I sat in my Great Grandmother’s living room playing and overhearing the two of them talking. I remember my father recording the words of our family history with his tape recorder.

I had the opportunity of witnessing history being spoken, and I am proud to know my family’s history and to be the Great Great Grand Daughter of Cary Hill, Davetta Gregg