Joe Davis’ first wife Louisa and their children were sold to the Pollard Plantation, just outside of Waco. He then married Agnes and they had two children, Andrew and Berry. Andrew was born a slave to Joe and Agnes Davis in October 1846, on the Edward Burleson Plantation in Northeast Travis County. His grandfather (Jack Davis) was there as well. The Davis Family migrated from the states of Alabama, Florida, and Virginia.

Andrew’s wife, Laura Ann Wilson (born circa 1855), was an African-American and Native-American Black Creek Indian woman whose father Scipio Wilson, a Black Creek Indian who walked the Trail of Tears. Scipio was free; however, slavers often made him a slave. He would often escape, so the slavers killed him. The Schells Family sold Laura to the Burleson Plantation, where she met, and she finally married Andrew Davis on July 7, 1871. In the 1910 Census, Laura said she had fourteen children, and nine were living: George, Joseph, Mary, Nora, Meredith, Neil, Agnes, Edward, Louisa, and Silas L. Davis.

Andrew Davis and his family were one of the 14 families that were led by Rev. John Winn, Sr. to 2000 acres of land that is currently known as St. John Colony, Texas. Andrew and Laura purchased 100 acres of land. Andrew died July 8, 1926, and Laura died September 17, 1927; both are buried in St. John Colony Cemetery.

Ninety-five percent of this bio is from my first cousin, Doug Davis’ novel manuscript, “Willie Loves SL,” pages 9-11 (2006)…
I am Rev. Ira L. Lewis the great great-grandson of Andrew Davis
and son of Ira and Teresia Agnes Davis-Lewis, Austin, Texas.