When John Winn, Sr. on horseback, reached an area of land that is now known as St. John Colony, Texas, Bob Haynes welcomed him.
Robert ‘Bob’ Haynes is not listed in the census, birth, marriage, or death records. On November 11, 1872, he purchased 136 acres and other properties in Bastrop County, Texas.

The following information was taken from Nickolas Brown’s History of St. John Colony: Robert ‘Bob’ Haynes was owned by a very mean-spirited slave owner who believed in whipping and beating his slaves. Robert Sowell family {slave master} owned many slaves in Bastrop, Texas. Bob Haynes was one of them, a free Cuban immigrant who made his way into the United States of America by way of a boat, entering in through the Gulf of Mexico. According to Fairalee Haynes-Dawson of Salt Lake City, Utah, the story was passed down, who, in fact, is the great-granddaughter of Bob Haynes.

While living in Mexico, she stated that he was then taken into captivity as a Negro slave in Texas. Bob Haynes married Melinda Miller-Haynes, and they had one child, Emanuel Haynes. Emanuel married Celeste “Callie Craft and they had twelve children. Their oldest, Madison (Matt) “Levi” married Lily Roland. Madison later married Hattie Marsh who was from Alabama. Matt had a son with Hattie named Marques Haynes, who played with Legendary Harlem Globetrotter. He was considered by many to be the greatest basketball handler’s of all-time.

There are no birth or death records for Bob and Melinda Miller-Haynes.

Louis Simms