Reverend Calvin Allen, Sr. was born in February 1833 in Alabama. At the time of his birth, the Alabama Slave Code was enacted, which placed harsh restrictions on slaves and free people of color.
He married Frances Jackson (1836- 1917) in 1855. He and Frances had two sons and three daughters in Texas: James C. Allen (1858-1910), Amanda Allen (1860-1944), Jennie A. Allen (1865-1956), Calvin Allen, Jr. (1817-1955), and Frances Allen (1878 – Death date is unknown).

Rev. Allen was one of the original 14 Families that trail blazed from Hogeye, Texas, to what is now known as St. John Colony. As a community leader and farmer, he was devoted to working for the right to own land, build a thriving community, and spread the Gospel. Rev. Allen was committed to the ministry by bringing the word of God to the people in the community. In 1867, he was one of the ministers that organized the St. John Regular Baptist Association in Austin, Texas, which still serves as a place of worship and fellowship for worshippers across the State of Texas.

History attests to the strength and goodwill of Rev. Calvin and Frances Allen, Sr. They lived in a time when deeds and limitations enslaved them, but their faith in God and hard work carried them to their promised land and left a legacy for their descendants to build on.

Sharon Byrd-Ellerby – great great great granddaughter