Rev. Silas L. Davis gave Doug Davis, his grandson, the oral history of the Davis Family. In Doug Davis’ manuscript, “Willie Loves S.L.,” Doug said the Davis Family descended from an unknown African Prince and patriarch, Jack Davis. Edward Burleson in Bastrop County owned the Davis Family. After being emancipated on June 19, 1865, Jack changed the family name back to Davis.

Jack Davis’ wife is unknown, but they had a son named Joe, who married Agnes Walker. They had two sons, Berry and Andrew Davis.
Rev. Berry D. Davis was born into slavery on May 25, 1849, to Joe and Agnes Walker-Davis on the Edward Burleson Plantation in Bastrop County. Joe was born in 1820 in Travis County, Texas. He died on February 4, 1911. Agnes was born in 1822 in Texas. She died in 1913 in Texas.
Rev. Berry D. Davis was one of the 14 Families leaders that established St. John Colony. In 1872 Berry was around 23 years old and not married. Rev. Berry D. Davis married Amanda Allen circa 1878 in St. John Colony. Amanda was born in 1860, probably the sister of Calvin Allen, Sr., and she died in 1944. They had ten children: Ammie, Calvin, Addie, Ada, Ms. Ula (Urla), Mary, Nanny, Bertha, Kattie, and Andrew.

According to Texas Death and Burial records, Berry Davis was born May 25, 1849, and died January 14, 1933, in St. John Colony, Texas. On Berry’s headstone in the St. John Colony Cemetery, he was born May 5, 1830, and he died January 14, 1933. Being born in 1849 is more likely than not.

Louis Simms – great great nephew