Greetings from President Marshall Hill

St. John 19th Body presents their 150th Juneteenth Celebration with lots of food (bar-b-que), family fun and other festivities honoring and paying homage to the St. John Colony legacy.

We are calling on all descendants of St. John Colony, Texas to return to celebrate this historical event marking 150 years. of Freedom, Faith and Family. Come “down home” to celebrate the rich history of St. John Colony and the District Association from June 17 – 19,2022.

Our Freedmen’s Colony was originally named Winn Colony in homage to Rev. John Henry Winn Sr. He was the leader of the Trailblazers who secured this land for purchase for 14 families while traveling to Waelder, Texas to minister. This year promises to be the greatest celebration yet.

Starting June 17th, we will commence our activities at the Carver Vocational School beginning at 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Here is the program.

June 18th culminates the celebration with our annual program! Emancipation Grounds will be available to the public beginning at 9:00 AM. The annual program will start at 10:00 AM and includes an exciting line-up of fun and activities for the entire family. Spectacular vendors, a history scavenger hunt, music and games are just a little of what’s in store.

Finally, on Sunday Juneteenth we will rise at 6:00 AM to give thanks and worship the one who has brought us safe thus far, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This sunrise service will happen on the historic grounds.

Check out our sponsors and vendors.

Our ancestors established the Emancipation Grounds soon after establishing the St. John Colony. Read about our Ancestors here.